Top 5 Unique Experiences to Do on Your Trip to Japan

Every country is unique in its own way, but Japan is particularly special with its exceptional culture, food, history and identity.  If you really want to let Japan get under your skin, try some (or all!) of these unique experiences as part of your visit to Japan. 1. Attend a festival: Every culture has festivals, [...]

10 Signs That You’re Definitely in Japan!

In many countries, travellers spend considerable time getting oriented to the culture and “vibe” of a land and its people. Not so in Japan. Once you understand its quirky/cool eccentricities, you’ll instinctively feel at home in the Land of the Rising Sun. Here are 10 signs that you are definitely in Japan. Attention to detail: [...]

History Of The Bullet Train

Japan is world-renowned for its efficient public transportation system that connects the major cities in the country. Known as the Shinkansen, or bullet train, it is a highly-advanced technological accomplishment that has greatly influenced and impacted Japan’s culture, economy, business, and society. The Early Days Of The Shinkansen A high-speed intercity train network that currently [...]

Japan Weather

Japan is made-up of four major islands and many smaller ones; thus being surrounded by oceans. The major islands that Japan is comprised of are Shikoku, Honshu, Kyushu and Hokkaido. Japan’s climate varies from one region to another; however, most of the country has the four different seasons. Winter Japan’s winter months span from December [...]


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