Why Travelling to Japan Will Make You a Better Person

Japan is a country of deep tradition, respect for nature and cutting-edge modern technology. These cultural traits somehow create a harmonious blend of past and present, spilling over into everyday life. It’s quite common for travellers to return from Japan with a feeling of enlightenment and appreciation for the “greater good.” Here are just a [...]

Places in Japan Where the Locals Hang Out!

You can’t beat visiting a new travel destination with a local. After living in Japan for five years, this is my list of 15 must-see places which I recommend to all my friends when they ask where they should visit. Enjoy! Naoshima Island The small island of Naoshima is a must for anyone who enjoys [...]

10 Signs That You’re Definitely in Japan!

In many countries, travellers spend considerable time getting oriented to the culture and “vibe” of a land and its people. Not so in Japan. Once you understand its quirky/cool eccentricities, you’ll instinctively feel at home in the Land of the Rising Sun. Here are 10 signs that you are definitely in Japan. Attention to detail: [...]

10 Reasons Why Japan is Now the HOTTEST Travel Destination in the World

Japan is the insider buzzword for travel these days, and for good reason. Between deep-rooted cultural identity, world-renowned festivals, eclectic fashion and growing foodie enclaves, Japan has become the “famously secret” destination of world-savvy travellers. Here are 10 of the best reasons for making your way to the Land of the Rising Sun. You can [...]


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