How To Travel From Osaka To Hiroshima


With your Japan Rail Pass

  • Travel time: Between 1 hour and 30 minutes to 3 hours
  • Cost: Covered by your JR Pass

The Sanyo Shinkansen Line provides fast and convenient access between Osaka and Hiroshima. Its Sakura and Hikari trains can take you from Shin-Osaka Station in Osaka to Hiroshima Station in Hiroshima Station in about an hour and a half, and its Kodama trains take about 2 hours and a half. With your JR Pass, you can board any of the three trains without having to pay extra fees.

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Shinkansen or bullet train

  • Travel time: About 1 hour and 20 minutes
  • Cost: From 9,710 yen

The Nozomi and Mizuho trains on the Sanyo Shinkansen Line are the fastest means to travel between Osaka and Hiroshima. In just 1 hour and 20 minutes, you can get from Shin-Osaka Station in Osaka and arrive to Hiroshima Station in Hiroshima. A one-way trip costs 9,710 yen (unreserved seat) or 10,640 yen (reserved seat), and is not covered by the JR Pass.

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Local train

  • Travel time: 6 to 7 hours
  • Cost: Around 6,000 yen to 10,000 yen

If taking the local trains, the journey from Osaka to Hiroshima takes at least 6 hours. The trip ideally starts from either Osaka Station or Shin-Osaka Station in Osaka, and involves the use of a combination of ordinary trains, rapid trains, and limited express trains before reaching Hiroshima Station. It requires 3 to 6 transfers, usually in Himeji, Okayama, Mihara, or Itozaki. A one-way trip costs 6,000 yen to 10,000 yen. You can use Hyperdia to search for available route options.

Highway bus

  • Travel time: Around 6 hours
  • Cost: 5,000 yen to 6,000 yen

Multiple daytime and overnight highway buses serve Osaka and Hiroshima on a daily basis. They are typically equipped with restrooms, reclining seats, and luggage storage space.  A one-way trip takes approximately 6 hours, and costs 5,000 yen to 6,000 yen, depending on the season and your chosen seat class.  You can look up bus schedules and ticket prices, and book tickets through the Willer Express and Japan Bus Online.

To save money, consider purchasing a Japan Bus Pass. Exclusively available for tourists with non-Japanese passports, it can significantly cut your transportation expenses if you have multiple bus travels planned during your trip. It comes in different types, and costs as low as 10,000 yen. The Willer Express Japan Bus Pass page provides more information.